Life-groups-960x350BBC Life Groups– Learning How to Live Life Together!

Here at Berea Baptist Church, we understand the importance of community.  It is within a community that you develop relationships.  One of the best ways to do this is by connecting with one of our Life Groups.

Life Groups Available

Abraham and Sarah (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 207, Couples 50+)

This is a life group Bible study for couples. This fellowship provides support to each other in good times and in times of trouble. We work together in ministries of the church & community to meet needs and share Jesus’ love. Ken Vasey is the teacher.

Baraca (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 103, Senior Adult Men)

The Baraca life group is a lively group of actively participating men who are always ready to welcome guests. Larry Harrison is the teacher with Jerry Stewart as a substitute.

Cole Sunday Night Life Group (Thursdays, once a month, 6:30 PM, Home Based)

This life group is made up of individuals and couples who meet together once a month on Thursday evenings for a simple meal. Their time together each week includes a time of Bible study and sharing. Russell Cole is the contact person.

BBC College Life Group: Young Adults 18+ (Sundays, 9:30 AM, The Annex)

This group is for young adults age 18+ who are in college. Members are primarily from Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University. However, all college students are welcome. Mark & Shelby Brooks are the leaders.

Cornerstone (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 307, Couples & Singles 40-55+)

This life group is for couples and individuals. We study God’s word and apply His teachings to everyday issues. We are committed to ministry within the class, the church and outreach.  Robert Brashear is the teacher.

Couples (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 306, Couples 30-50)

The couples’ life group is for married and engaged couples. Topics of study focus primarily on building strong marriages and individual spiritual growth. In addition to weekly Bible Study, occasional social events are planned for further fellowship. Matt Chaliff is the facilitator.

Dixie-Sunshine (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 107, Senior Adult Women)

The Dixie-Sunshine life group is a wonderful caring, supportive, and truly welcoming group of mature ladies. Many members of this class have been attending Berea Baptist for 50+ years.  Remaining active in the community and financially supporting missions is a top priority for this group.  Feel free to join this group for a time of joyful fellowship.  Glenda McQuerry and Penni Neikirk are the teachers.

Emmaus (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 205, Couples & Singles 45-65+)

Our fellowship group is made up of married folk.  Most of us have kids. Some have grandkids.  We love the Lord & each other, but mostly we love to tell others about God’s love. We prepare ourselves by studying God’s word with team teaching, discussion, sign language, personal testimonies, and lots of prayer. Rick Brammer is the teacher.

Genesis (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 308, Men 40-60+)

This is a group for men. We use the Bible as our main focus. We also use other books to provide emphasis and Biblical direction like C.S. Lewis and others. Sometimes we focus on areas like the apostles, miracles, and the Ten Commandments. Glenn Jennings is the teacher.

Pearl (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 206, Women 40-70+)

The Pearl life group is a diverse, loving, open, supportive, giving, and mission-minded group of women of all ages. It is characterized by in-depth study with lively, honest (often humorous) discussion. Gayle Buchanan is the teacher.

Philathea (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 102, Senior Adult Women)

The Philathea life group is a ladies group with no age limits. We welcome women of all ages. Our group is dedicated to studying the Word, applying it to our daily lives, participating in a variety of missions, and fellowshipping with each other. We have very lively participation with drama, role playing, and a little lecturing.  We have lots of fun studying and sharing!  Emogene Hartman is the teacher.

Sister Sojourners (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 208, Women College Age & Up, Single or Married)

This life group is for women from college age & up. We seek to follow the Savior and learn more of the Word through books of the Bible and books by authors such as Phillip Yancey, Liz Curtis-Higgs, etc. We support one another through fellowship, prayer, and Christian love. Facilitating each week is shared amongst the group members.

Reborn (Sundays, 9:30 AM, Room # 203, Singles & Couples 24+)

The Reborn life group is made up of individuals and couples who are in their mid to late twenties. We’re building lives that stand out, built on deeply anchored roots. We don’t have all the answers, so we’re willing to openly discuss the fundamentals of Christianity and the hard questions of how it applies to life–all in a spirit of respect and grace. We don’t parrot the pat answers, we build a deep understanding of Scripture and how it applies to our lives. We invite you to join us in room 203, with a Bible and a willingness to think and participate. Scott Cain is the facilitator.