DSC_1077eBerea Baptist Church Youth Ministries exists to help students become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

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BBC Youth Goalsgoals
Our prime objective is to make a difference in the youth entrusted to our care by developing these characteristics:

  • Dependence on Christ
  • Independent faith
  • Foundation built on Christ
  • Fellowship with other believers
  • Excitement about God’s ministry and their place in it
  • Reaching unbelieving students
  • Expressing acceptance of others
  • Nurturing their faith
  • Celebration of God with their lives
  • Empowerment as ministers
Youth Group Meets Wednesdays (6:00 – 7:30 p.m.)live it
This is our large group meeting designed to have a friendly, fun, challenging, and exciting atmosphere. This program helps to break down “church is boring” stereotypes. It is filled with laughter, singing, drama, videos, antics, and a message that moves students toward spiritual maturity.

More than any other program, our Wednesday night event is dependent upon adult volunteers. We need adults to greet, learn names, encourage students, lead tables, give out refreshments, lead activities, teach the lesson, etc.

Leadership Classes (Dates and Times Vary)Meetings
Our student leaders are trained during these classes. Students who have successfully completed the classes become a part of our student leadership team. These classes are a time of study and activity that teach our students about leadership, initiative, character, and integrity.

Ministry Teams (Meeting Times Vary)

Ministry teams are filled with students who are involved in an area of ministry based on their gifts and desires. We would love for all of our students to be committed to having a personal ministry for serving God. Examples of these teams include drama, music, video, greeting, mission trips, organizing special events, fundraising, computers, plumbing, etc. The options are limitless and the ministry experience is invaluable.

Each student-led ministry team requires an adult minister as a sponsor. Our goal is to have ministry teams started by students but coached and encouraged by adults.

Youth Events  (Dates and Times Vary)trips
There is no better time to get to know students than at events.  The adults who accompany the youth are not merely chaperones  but people who truly care about students and desire to build relationships with them.  Events and Dates will be posted as events are planned.

For More Information Contact Don Breeden.